Mr. Don DeLair


I have been in private school administration since 1988 and have served as the Founding Headmaster here at King’s Schools since 1994. King’s represents my God-given childhood dream of starting a Christian school that would… serve as a standard for EXCELLENCE…live out a belief that every child deserves the OPPORTUNITY for a quality education…bring a life-changing message of HOPE to the families we serve.  Thanks be to God, I am passionately living out that dream every day.
Mrs. Sheila Martin

Preschool Director

I love working at King’s because it is a happy, peaceful place to be.  It is an exceptional environment in which to pour out love and learning into the lives of children!  It is truly a wonderful family to be a part of!  I have had the privilege of being the Director here at King’s Preschool since January 2009.  My prior experience includes teaching pre-kindergarten for 4 1/2 years and homeschooling my own children for 4 years.
Keren Victoria

Green Room

Started at King’s Preschool in 2012.
It is a huge blessing to be a part of the King’s family. I consider it a privilege to care for all the children God has brought to our classroom and share the love of Christ with them in a safe, nurturing environment.
Susanna Davis

Orange Room

Started at King’s Preschool in 2013.
I have a full education in Early Childhood Education with extensive training in Infant/Toddler Care and Development. My Favorite part about teaching is watching the children grow developmentally and gain self-sufficiency. It is a blessing to share God’s word with each child and show them how much they are loved by Him! I love King’s and the family we have here as Brothers and Sister in Christ!
Krysti Leach

Purple Room (Pre-K)

Started at King’s Preschool in 2010.
I have been working in Early Childhood Education since 2002, teaching 2-3 year olds since 2003. I have been blessed to be teaching in the Red Room at King’s. I love being able to guide young children in their growth, developmentally as well as spiritually.
Lorie Morelos

Blue Room

Started at King’s Preschool in 2004.
I have enjoyed many years in early childhood education. In building a foundation for learning and growing, it is vital to teach children about God’s Word and how much He loves us. It has been such a pleasure to work here at King’s and to be a part of a unique team of educators in the early development of children.

Blue Room

Started at King’s Preschool in 2017.
Shelli LoCicero

Red Room

Started at King’s Preschool in 2016.
I have over 10 years of experience working with children. I am so blessed to be part of the King’s family and to have the opportunity to educate these young children through the love of God. It is so rewarding to watch my students reach new developmental milestones. I am grateful to do what I am passionate about and for the love the children pour into my heart everyday.
Amanda Miller

Blue Room

Started at King’s Preschool in 2015.
I have a BA in Religious Studies and an AA in Youth Ministry.  I have worked with kids for about 6 years and my husband and I have our adventurous son Asher.  I am blessed to be a part of the King’s family.
Erika Herrera

Preschool Assistant

Started at King’s Preschool in 2016.
Having over 6+ years of teaching experience in the secular world, I can say I am truly blessed to be working at a school where God and prayer is not only allowed, but essential. Being able to implement God into my curriculum and watching children grow academically, socially and spiritually is nothing short of witnessing a daily miracle. I am so excited to see how God uses me to help teach my students His word and His love at King’s School.
Stephanie Hernandez

Green Room

Elisa Munoz

Purple Room (Pre-K)

Started at King’s Preschool in 2003.
God has blessed me with the gift of teaching. I love teaching young children and seeing them grow socially, academically and spiritually. I am blessed to be able to teach them from God’s Word and help them to experience His love!
Kristin Avery

Yellow Room

Aurelia Sanchez

Orange Room

Started at King’s Preschool in 2018.
Vanessa VanVors

Red Room

Started at King’s Preschool in 2018.
Marlisa Hughes

Preschool Assistant Teacher

Started at King’s Preschool in 2018.