2017-2018 Schedule of Tuition and Fees

Annual Tuition: Middle School 6th – 8th Grade


Paying Annually $7,620

Tuition Insurance Fee (5.4%) is optional. Finance Fee (5%) is waived.


Paying Semi – Annually


+     411 Tuition Insurance Fee (5.4%). Finance Fee (5%) is waived.

$8,031 (2 payments of $4,016)


Paying Monthly


+   792 Tuition Insurance (5.4%) and Finance Fee (5%).

$8,412 – (10, 11, 12 payments)

Payment Methods Accepted – Tuition payments are only accepted through FACTS, our Tuition Management Company. A $35.00 late fee will be assessed on a monthly basis on all accounts where payment is received past the due date. NO EXCEPTIONS!
ENROLLMENT FEE (non-refundable):  Covers all books, field trips, yearbook, iPad rental (for new students), and some materials.  Paid annually and due upon acceptance. Fee is not prorated for students enrolling during the course of the school year.

$395 per student (new students)

$650 per 6th  and 7th grades student (for current students if paid by early reenrollment deadline)

$800 per 6th and 7th grade students (for current students if paid after reenrollment deadline)

iPad Program– All students entering Middle School are required to lease an iPad through King’s Schools.

 Tuition Refund Insurance – 5.4% of annual tuition for each student (i.e., tuition of $7,620 = $411 per year). Fee is included in the monthly and semi-annual payments. Required from families who choose to pay on a monthly or semi-annual basis; optional if tuition is paid in full. The school’s expenses are incurred on an annual basis and, therefore, your financial obligation to the school is for the full annual tuition as stated in the School’s Handbook and Enrollment Contract.

Technology Fee –  A $350/student annual Technology Fee will be added to the Tuition & Fee Contract and paid according to the payment option of choice.
NOTES: All fees are non-refundable in the event enrollment is not granted or if enrollment is terminated for any reason during the course of the school year. No fees are eligible for scholarship under the School’s Financial Aid Program and must be paid in full before the first day of class.

Annual payments are due by July 1 or at the time of enrollment for students enrolling mid-year. The Finance Fee (5%) and Tuition Insurance Fee (5.4%) are waived. Tuition Insurance is optional and, if purchased, payment is due with annual tuition payment.