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Gifts received go directly to the operating budget to help offset the cost of education that is not covered by tuition and fees.  Donors may request that their gift be designated to a specific level (Preschool, Elementary School, Middle School) or toward specific areas of interest (i.e. Science, Technology, Music, Athletics) with the ultimate decision being determined by King’s Schools.

Gifts go directly to the “Every Child Deserves” Scholarship Fund that provides financial assistance up to 50% (tuition only) for qualified students in Kindergarten through 8th Grade.  Sponsors are anonymously assigned to specific students for the duration of the school year and often renew their sponsorship throughout the student’s tenure at King’s Schools.

Gifts go to provide professional development opportunities (i.e. Conferences, Workshops, Continued Education) for a particular teacher or the entire faculty and staff.  Donors may designate their gift for a specific academic subject and/or to a particular level of instruction ranging from the Infant/Toddler level to Middle School. With the recent passing of Pat Burris, our dear friend and King’s Schools First Grade teacher of 8 years, her family has requested that donations be made to King’s Schools. Per Pat Burris’ request, funds donated in her honor will be used for educator training.

These are the “gifts that keep on giving” and go directly to the “Frank Trane Endowment Fund” that was established in 2014.  Interest from this fund supports the “Cross On The Hill” Scholarship Program which provides $2,500 scholarships to students who best exemplify the stated criteria.  All K-8 students are eligible to apply in early Spring.

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