Meet Our Elementary Staff


Mr. Don DeLair/Headmaster

I have been in private school administration since 1988 and have served as the Founding Headmaster here at King’s Schools since 1994. King’s represents my God-given childhood dream of starting a Christian school that would… serve as a standard for EXCELLENCE…live out a belief that every child deserves the OPPORTUNITY for a quality education…bring a life-changing message of HOPE to the families we serve. Thanks be to God, I am passionately living out that dream every day.

Mrs. Patti Scholten/Kindergarten Teacher

Started at King’s in 2004. I am blessed to teach kindergarten in an atmosphere of Christian love and encouragement, where each child learns that God is our loving Creator, Friend, and Savior. I pray that my students have a strong love for learning as well as a love for one another and for God. I am blessed to be a grandmother of three precious grandchildren, a mother to two wonderful adult children, and to be married to my beloved husband.

Mrs. Mary Hawkins/1st Grade Teacher

Started at King’s in 2015. I am thrilled to be here at King’s Schools with your children! I love teaching and have spent the last 17 years in Christian Education. My family and I share a passion for learning, which I am excited to impart to my awesome 1st graders! God is going to bless our time together and I know He will empower these students to grow in their faith and knowledge!

Mrs. Polly Knehr/2nd Grade Teacher

Started at King’s in 1998. I enjoy teaching my students and showing them how God is real in the world around them. King’s is a place where I have felt the freedom to not only teach academics but also spiritual things.

Ms. Katie Dale/3rd Grade Teacher

Started at King’s in 2014. My passion is serving Jesus. I have been teaching for over a decade and I look forward to many more years to come. Teaching at King’s Schools allows me to make an impact in young lives, both spiritually and academically.

Mrs. Julie Costello/4th Grade Teacher

Started at King’s in 2019. I am very excited to be teaching at King’s Schools. I am continually impressed and feel sincerely blessed by everyone here. My favorite part about teaching this group of students is seeing them learn to express themselves, be independent, and form their own thoughts and opinions. I love that the children will not only grow academically here, but spiritually as well. My goal is to grow and learn as much as they do every year.

Mrs. Karen Sanders/5th Grade Teacher

Started at King’s in 2016. I have been an educator for over ten years. I love teaching and get excited when students succeed. I believe every student and child is a gift from God. My passions include spending time with God, family and friends. For me, establishing meaningful relationships and reaching people for Christ is what life is all about. I am thrilled to be at King’s Schools and look forward to all the wonderful things God has planned.

Mrs. Elaine Roach/Computer & Art Teacher/ Aftercare Director / Teacher’s Aide

Started at King’s in 2016. It is a privilege to be part of such an amazing school. Watching the children grow in their spiritual knowledge as well as being part of their daily lives brings me great pleasure. As their computer and Art teacher, I get to bring out the creative and technical side of them and watch them blossom into confident students. These years are fundamental for learning, and to be able help guide and direct the students in their faith and education is a blessing.

Mrs. Fernanda Diaz/Music & Spanish Teacher / Elementary Chapel

Started at King’s in 2016. I feel privileged, honored, and blessed to be part of the King’s family. I am married to a wonderful man and have two beautiful daughters that are also privileged and blessed to be here at King’s Schools. I have many years of teaching experience. It is my passion to teach not only academics, but also teach about who Jesus is. I pray that this school year all students will grow academically and especially spiritually.

Miss Breanna DeLair/3rd Grade Aide / Elementary PE Teacher / Aftercare

Started at King’s in 2019. As a King’s Schools alumni, it is an honor to be back on campus, however this time around I am the teacher not the student. I attended Kings Schools from Kindergarten to 8th grade. My daughter, Brooklyn, also attends King’s and is currently in 2nd grade, what a blessing it is to have our family be such a huge part of a wonderful school. During my high school career I played different sports, but focused mainly on volleyball. That passion led me to play in college, and was given the opportunity to volunteer as the volleyball coach here at King’s in 2011. During my time coaching, I realized my love for the children and how instrumental I had become a guiding them in a sport and leading them spiritually through every day life challenges. It is a pleasure to be able to coach and teach your children each day, I look forward to serving the Lord and assisting in your child’s spiritual growth.

Mrs. Stacy Shelton/Kindergarten Aide

Started at King’s in 2016. I’m the mother of two beautiful children, Zoey and Zachary. I’m married to an amazing man. My family is my life. Jesus is my Savior. My purpose is to aide the children in their growth of education and faith. I’m truly blessed to be the teacher’s aide for Kindergarten. The children’s belief in God and thirst for knowledge at this age is fundamental for the rest of their lives. I’m privileged to be part of their academic and spiritual growth. I’m proud and grateful to be part of the King’s School’s family. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

Mrs. Carrie Stevenson/1st Grade Aide

Returned to King’s in 2017. It is a privilege for me to work here at King’s Schools. I am going into my tenth year as a K-3 Teacher’s Aide. I am married to my wonderful husband and we have three adult children who have attended King’s as well. I am blessed to share the love of Christ with your children throughout the year.

Mrs. Kristyn Hagerman/5th Grade Aide

Started at King’s in 2019. This is my first year working at King’s Schools, but I have been working in education for over 10 years. What I have enjoyed most during my various experiences is helping students find ways to be successful and see them experience personal growth. I am very excited to be a part of the King’s Schools staff this year and to support student’s in their walk with the Lord each day. My children attend Kings as well and I feel very blessed that we have the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful school. I am looking forward to a great year!