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Serving children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age.

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Why King’s Schools

The mission of King’s Schools is to provide a distinctively Christian education, in cooperation with the parents and the church, with God’s Word being central to an education emphasizing academic excellence, strong discipleship, physical, and spiritual training of the whole child as they are prepared to have a transforming influence on their communities and society.

The longer you stay, the less you pay!


Our commitment to academic excellence starts with the dedication of qualified and passionate teachers who consistently deliver the curriculum in a distinctively Christian manner that integrates faith into learning and empowers students to excel.  In addition to the core subjects of Math, Language, Science, Social Studies, and Bible, K-5 students receive instruction in Music (twice weekly), Physical Education (2-3 times weekly), Art (once weekly), Computers (once weekly), and Spanish (once weekly).  5th Grade students receive instruction in Ukulele as part of their music curriculum.  Middle School students have a seven period schedule of Math, English, Science, History, Bible, PE, and Electives.  Chapel is held weekly for all grades, K-8.

ACSI Member School Since 1994
As a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), King’s Schools participates in district competitions in the following academic subjects:
Speech Meet (1st-8th)
Spelling Bee (1st-8th)
Math Olympics (3rd-8th)
Creative Writing (3rd-8th)
Science Fair (6th-8th)
All participating students are judged in-house and representatives are chosen for the district-wide competition. King’s Schools has traditionally done exceptionally well and these opportunities provide valuable experience for students to develop their God-given skills and passions at higher and more competitive levels.

Through the nation-wide “FLL – First LEGO League,” King’s Schools hosts a competitive Robotics Team each year made up of selected 5th – 8th grade students.  The team is coached by a trained staff member with specific instructions given to all competing teams for approximately 10 weeks in preparation for the local competition.  Top local teams go on to compete at a regional level, with qualifiers going on to the national competition.  The team from King’s has experienced success at the local level and qualified for regional competitions at Legoland in San Diego.

King’s Schools has a reputation of providing quality musical productions every Christmas and Spring that have provided lasting memories and first-class opportunities for students to develop their singing and drama skills.  During their twice-weekly music classes (K-5), students practice extensively for the annual music productions.  5th graders open the musical productions showing-off their newly learned skills on the ukulele.  The musical productions have long contributed to the reputation of quality that King’s strives to provide for all students in every academic subject.

It’s another first for King’s Schools…Quest for Space.

We are thrilled to announce this new innovative STEM program this year that will give our middle school students opportunities to engage in collaborative and project-based learning while creating actual experiments that will run aboard the International Space Station. For this new breed of innovators, the sky is not the limit anymore.


The name, King’s Schools, was chosen because of our mission to provide a distinctively Christian education that highlights the very attributes of God…the King of kings and the King at King’s. His EXCELLENCE is reflected in everything about us, from our rich 26 year history to our impressive 3.64, K-8, grade point average (GPA). We also believe that God provides the OPPORTUNITY for all to experience His goodness as evidenced by the 1,052 sponsored students who have received $3,159,000 in scholarships (just since 2003) through our “Every Child Deserves” Scholarship Program. Finally, God is all about HOPE and we are humbled to have seen 5,378 students trained since our inception to have a transforming influence on their communities by bringing that eternal message of hope to the world.

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